Regional RSS Forum – First day sessions

Regional RSS Forum – First day sessions

The Regional RSS Forum was launched this Monday, May 16, 2022 at Hilton Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. Most of participants invited were present including the representatives of the Northern Corridor Member States, public and private institutions from Kenya, donors and regional institutions.

The opening session was marked by the welcome remarks from the Northern Corridor Executive Secretary and the representative of the Director General from Kenya National Highway Authority. The key opening remarks were delivered by the Permanent Secretary, Department of Regional and Northern Corridor Development who was the chief guest representing the Honorable Ministry of EAC and Regional Development from the Member State of Kenya.

Relevant technical sessions were held with discussion based on the following presentation:

The second and final day of this regional forum will show case a pilot RSS project supported by the NCTTCA Secretariat along the corridor in Kenya. It is also expected technical discussion on the policy framework and regulations for investing in RSS project along the corridor.

All the presentations made during the first day of the forum can be found and downloaded by clicking on the related links above.

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